All Brev. M parts are designed with the same primary focus- provide top notch performance for every day riders at a price that makes sense. Though we spend a lot of time sweating the details of how good the parts look, performance is always at the core of each item that gets to be called a Brev. M product. Sure, it's gotta look good too, but if it looks good and breaks- who the hell cares what color it is? We're dedicated riders- just like you- and we don't like parts that leave us spending our time working on our bikes instead of riding them. If it says Brev. M on it you can ride with pride, ride with style and ride with confidence.

If you're gonna huck yourself off a loading dock or do barspins all day long, then this is the fork for you.
The perfect urban fork for riders looking for something a little stiffer without a major handling or weight penalty.
Skid with wild abandon knowing that your Slittata tire is designed to handle what you can dish out. Perfect for all types of urban riding.
With a thicker rubber on the area that contacts the ground, this tube can save your hide after skidding through the casing of your tire.
Simple- nuff said.
Vintage shape for modern riders.
Perfect for the tough city streets.
Stylish and comfortable with a neo-retro look.
Deeper thigh glides and a vintage feel with modern looks makes this one sexy perch for your behind.
Retro cool with modern styling.
Chromed steel foot retention device.
Twice the leather for twice the awesome.
Designed like the plastic BMX pedals out there- only better! Trust us on this one...
Extruded from a solid chunk of aluminum and then machined down to a lightweight beauty with sealed bearings for many happy miles.
Super grip for mega control.
Great grip with minimal bulk.
Traditional Keirin style with a modern twist.
Stiff arms for power transfer and durability.
Light and stiff chainrings for urban cycling.
Simple bolts for a simple world.
32 hole or 36 hole to match your riding style with multiple colors to keep you looking good and riding fast.